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The Great Green Wall Documentary

Building the Great Green Wall is not just about planting trees. It’s about restoring the land so it can support human life. It’s about the revitalization of the ecosystem and economy. Some direct results of climate change are drought and desertification. These then lead to conflict and migrations. Armed groups such as Boko Haram are able to take advantage of the crises and create violence. What can the people do? Many decide to take the dangerous trip to Europe. They do it to survive, but they’re “selling their souls.” Not only are they risking their lives for a better life, but if they fail many don’t go back home out of shame. Leaving Africa is especially enticing to young people. That’s why the young are holding the older generation accountable.

We often hear the bad and the struggles that take place in Africa. Even though the people are resilient, it’s demanding work, trying to restore their lands. But there is so much to learn and so many stories to hear. The trees are a symbol of hope. Africa is rich in culture, music, traditions, and more. Africans don’t want to see more of their brothers and sisters leaving their continent. Inna Modja is one of many working to do that. She has always loved music; she is using the arts to inspire, educate, and give people hope. Music truly is a form of activism. It’s empowering and serves as a reminder to people of what they love about their home.

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