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It was interesting to hear about the impacts of the refugee crisis: how refugees are thought about, the economic impacts, and  the impact of social media. I agree that refugees should be welcomed and thought of as improving a country, not a burden. Refugees add diversity, are often hard working, and want to add to the economy. But unfortunately refugees are often seen as competition and a burden. They bring about change, which scares people. And it doesn’t help that so much false information is spread through social media, whether that be from news articles or instagram. People choose to fear refugees because it’s the easier choice. But we should be more educated, understanding, and welcoming.

The economic aspect of the refugee crisis is also interesting. There is economic instability in a refugee’s home country, but especially in the countries that are taking in thousands of refugees. Countries want to help, but there’s a lot of economic strain. And as soon as that strain is too great, refugees are seen negatively and as a burden. That’s why countries, especially those with economic stability, need to help the poorer countries. We also need to stop the spread of fear and false information in the media and instead grow more educated. We should be supporting displaced people so that  they have a place to live with necessities, can be educated, can get a job, can be with family, can add to society, and more. We need to think about helping people, human beings, and not winning a political battle. We are all human and we have more in common than we think, no matter how far away or culturally different someone may seem.

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